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About Me

With 4 children - two newborn twins- I am looking for more balence in my life.  Since their birth I have become a stay at home mom- which has been my goal since my first child - but I still don't seem to have enough time- need to balence babies and their feeding and needs- needs of a toddler- and needs of a first grade boy- and husband- and house- and 2 dogs- and large family in the area with lots of family help and activites. 

My Goals


Good Luck on your goal! Being a mom and a wife are both jobs in itself!! Just remember to make time for you!! If mom isn't happy then no one else will be!!
Hope that everything works out for you!!
Posted on 02/07/2010 by Ginnyland
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Can I recommend using www.childzilla.com. It's a free site like this one that is primarily an online chore chart. You can also include things relating to behavior as well, like mind your manners, respect others, share with others, get along. Do your homework, hang your coat, wash your hands, eat all your vegetables, take time for yourself or you can make up your own. The children have their own username & password to check things off as they complete their task. The parent sets a value for each item.... so it's based on a point system. You can also uncheck things if they did not complete the task, and you can reward them with extra points or give them demerit points. You can select prizes and place a value on it, so if they receive enough points, they can "purchase" the item with their points. They can select an item as a prize and you can either approve or decline it. There are also learning games on this site for them to play. You can also create your own prize. For instance, I created "play date with a friend" - where they have to earn 80 points to have a friend come over. When they have enough points, they get to choice a prize that you already "preapproved" as a prize. When they "purchase" a prize, it subtracts the amount of points that prize was worth. It teaches responsibility. My younger daughter has ADHD, she has responded well to this new approach to discipline, and incentives for doing good. Once she realized, I wasn't backing down - giving demerit points and her seeing her sister getting rewarded. Just a suggestion that I have grown to love. It has gotten our whole family involved, including "Dad" - as he has his own username & password to track how everyone is doing and he can assign chores, give "extra" incentive points or give demerit points too. It has actually been a blessing in disguise for us! Less arguements, more motivation, everyone is happier. Good luck with your Goal!
Posted on 12/04/2009 by sweetdestiny
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