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About Me

im a 21 year old female from Detroit Michigan, I currently work and live in Houston Texas. my goal is to save up for my 8 day cruise in September of 2010 and to save for a rainy day as well.

My Goals



Happy New Year to you and peace & blessings to you and your family! If you are open to taking a look at a part-time business opportunity, I would like to share with you how myself and others (on my team) have positioned themselves to earn thousands on a monthly basis! This is NOT a get rich quick scheme and I am interested in SERIOUS inquiries only!

I was able to earn a $3,000 my 1st month in this business so reading your goal to save $3,000 by the end of 2010 caught my attention! I would like to invite you to visit my personal website at www.5linx.net/mkelite and click on "Business Opportunity". Please also check out "Products/Services" so you can see first hand how we are getting paid on services everyone uses on a daily basis as well as pays for on a monthly basis!

I have a team in the Texas area (Dallas, Houston) and would LOVE to speak with you more to discuss how we can help position you to earn the $3,000 you're looking for and more on a MONTHLY basis!

Take care for now and please feel free to contact me with questions!

Kim Beamon
(708) 837-2989
Executive Director, 5 Linx
Posted on 12/30/2009 by kapbeamon
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I'm from:
humble, Texas
Achieving since:
December 08, 2009